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Sailing Club

Director/Coach: Matthew Thompson

Assistant Director/Coach: Matt Zupon

Coaches:  Matthew Zupon, Lars Hansen, Jackson Connell, Andrea Dolan, Matthew Thompson

The Wayzata Community Sailing Center (WCSC) promotes the enjoyment of sailing through educational programing. We foster teamwork and model good sportsmanship in every aspect of our programs. We deliver high quality coaching through proven instructional techniques. We encourage the development of critical thinking skills and cultivate ethical decision-making, while empowering students to sail competitively in a fun, safe environment. The sailing team is a partnership between BSM and the WCSC. Sailing is recognized as a lettering club sport during the spring.  Click here to contact.


We meet for an 8 week season in the Spring running from the beginning of April through the end of May. Some members of our team also participate in practices at WCSC during the offseason throughout the Fall (September – October).

Practice: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at WCSC (72 practice hrs per season)

MN Conference Events: These are open to all ability levels and registered sailors 9 - 12 grade or 7-8 in a direct feed middle school. These are not required; however we encourage all of our sailors to participate. There are 5 Conference Events per season. They take place on Saturday’s, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (40 hrs).

Registration is still live for Fall/Scholastic Sailing! Please click here for more details. 

You can register your sailor here:

FYI - Questions & Answers

What is Scholastic Sailing?

High School sailing is the fastest growing segment of sailing in the United States. This can be attributed to its focus on the team aspect of sailingand widespread participation and organization. At Wayzata Sailing we coach heavily towards team building and make it our goal to make a place for every sailor that comes to us.  Some schools have formed teams, however, school sponsorship is not required for participation in our program, and independents are always welcome.  WS plays host to official teams from Wayzata, Benilde St. Margaret’s, Orono, Chanhassen, and Providence Academy.

Who can participate?

Sailing under the banner of your high school with a group of your peers forges friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime. In that regard we happily invite all individuals from beginners to advanced level sailors to come and participate in the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) with us. This course is for sailors in 6th-12th grade (12-18 years old).

Where are the races?
All sailors are urged to participate in local Minnesota School Sailingregattas, held on most Saturdays at various metro lakes throughout the season. For qualified sailors, participation in ladder events leading to Regional and National competition is encouraged and supported. Tuition fees cover training at the sailing center and coaching at regattas. Fees for MSS/MISSA registration, travel, and additional regattas are not included. 

Do we need a boat?
420s are provided by us for practice, and by host clubs for regattas.



These events are organized by the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) or the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA). These are the regional and national governing bodies of High School Sailing in the US. Through qualification events, sailors can earn the opportunity to represent BSM on a regional or national level. These events are usually 2 days long and require some travel. 


  • 2017 MISSA Baker Team Racing Championship – 11th
  • 2017 MISSA Mallory Doublehanded Championship – 18th
  • 2016 MN State Coed Championship – 7th
  • 2016 MISSA Mallory Doublehanded Championship – 17th
  • 2015 MN Fall Colors – 3rd
  • 2014 MN State Boy’s Championship – 4th
  • 2014 MN State Girl’s Championship – 2nd